Rusalka Book

Attention all past and present members of Rusalka! Be a part of the special 50th anniversary book.

Here are some questions to jog your memory. You can answer all or some.

You don’t have to fill it all in, if you don’t wish or don’t have time — but surely you can write a few words about your experiences or memories!

We can’t contact or interview every Alumnus or Alumna or present dancer personally — so we’re hoping you’ll answer via email.

You can even add whatever else you may remember or wish to add.

Please provide your full name, (including your maiden name, if applicable) and the years when you danced or participated in another capacity.

Please specify if you wish your comments to be attributed to you or remain anonymous.

We cannot guarantee that all comments gathered will be included in the book, but all will be helpful as background. We need to hear from as many dancers as possible from the past 50 years!

Click here to download the questionaire.